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Health & Travel Certificates

Traveling with your pet, particularly overseas, often requires necessary health and travel certifications. Our veterinarians and staff are ready to answer your travel questions and provide you with the appropriate certifications for your jet-setting pet!

Traveling With Your Pet

Planning on traveling with your pet? We recommend being prepared by providing appropriate paperwork, especially if traveling to a different state or country. This may also include travel certificates if you plan to fly with your pet. It is often a requirement that you are able to provide relevant certificates or legal documents if you wish to travel with an animal. As part of the certification process, we ensure the following items before certifying that a pet is able to receive travel documents:

  • Your pet must be deemed healthy enough to fly without issues
  • Your pet must be free from illness, particularly contagious diseases
  • Your pet is completely up to date on their vaccinations

It is highly recommended that you notify your airline prior to traveling with an animal. They will be able to provide you with their individual policies regarding pets, as many airlines require documentation, like a travel certificate, to be dated within 10 days of the flight. Our veterinarians also like to note that pets who are able to fly in the cabin with their owner experience significantly reduced stress-level as opposed to those who fly in the cargo areas. We suggest requesting your pet fly with you if possible. If it is required that they fly in the cargo area, provide a crate that is comfortably roomy and ensure they have access to plenty of water. Since cargo areas are not temperature regulated, we suggest avoiding flights in extremes of temperatures.

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