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Senior Pet Care

As our pets age, we want to thank them for being loyal and lovable companions by taking the very best care of them in their prime years! The natural aging process often means that your senior pet will require a little extra attention, which our veterinarians are more than happy to provide.

Caring For Senior Pets

Once your pet gets a bit older, we recommend twice-annual wellness checks. Caring for senior pets requires vigilance to catch illness or disease before it gets too serious. Closely monitoring your pet and watching for signs of discomfort or disease is critical in preventing ailments from flying under the radar. To help our professional staff identify health concerns early on, it is highly recommended that your senior pet undergoes blood work, urinalysis testing, digital radiography, and glaucoma screening. These diagnostic tests help us to evaluate organ function, assess vital bodily systems, and test for common age-related health concerns.

You know your pet better than anyone, particularly if they’re a senior animal who you have owned for a long time. That’s why your input and vigilance are critical. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Acacia Animal Hospital.

Bloodwork is an essential step in helping vets to identify general conditions such as infection and anemia, as well as age-related conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease. Regular bloodwork is critical for proper senior pet health care maintenance.

Urinalysis provides our veterinarians with critical insight into your senior pet’s overall health condition. Urinalysis has the ability to pinpoint uncomfortable and dangerous conditions such as urinary tract infections, liver disease, and diabetes.

Diagnostic imaging provides us with images of your pet’s internal systems. This process can be absolutely critical in catching the early onset of illness or age-related conditions.

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