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Dental Services

Good dental care and hygiene is essential to pet health and longevity. Dental disease can be painful or dangerous if left untreated, which is why our veterinarians are trained in providing top-quality dental care for your pet.

Dental Examinations

Your pet’s teeth tell a story. Our veterinarians at Acacia Animal Hospital can tell a lot about your pet’s overall dental condition just by looking in their mouth. A visual dental examination will be an integral part of a good dental check. Our veterinarians will check the teeth and gums for signs of dental decay or disease. If there is visible tartar or decay, or any signs of pain, we may recommend a digital radiograph of your pet’s oral cavity. This is an integral part of the process since the majority of dental disease resides in the tissues below the gumline. If dental disease is severe, your veterinarian may recommend an extraction. This is common in cases where there is irreversible damage, and extraction is essential to relieve your pet of pain and discomfort.

Dental Cleanings

Once we’ve taken a look at your pet’s teeth, the best course of action may be a simple cleaning. Since most dental disease is below the gumline, advanced dental technology is used to fully rid the teeth of plaque and oral bacteria. Dental cleanings require general anesthesia, which allows your pet and our staff to remain safe and comfortable during a cleaning. Acacia Animal Hospital recommends annual dental cleanings, much the same as a human dentist would recommend for you!

At-Home Dental Care

In between annual cleanings and regular dental check-ups by your veterinarian, at-home dental care is essential. Maintaining a good dental hygiene routine for your pet can help to prevent the development of tooth decay and dental disease. Brushing your pet’s teeth is a great way to keep them healthy. However, if your pet isn’t partial to this practice, there are a number of easy to administer at-home dental care products. These include dental chews or toys, and dental rinses, that will suffice between regular visits.

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